My love story with Pilates


My name is Dominique, I’m 35 years old.

I’m originally from Brussels, Belgium and have been living in Germany for 3 years. I want to share my great experience with the Pilates method so other people can benefit of it.

Pilates is not only about exercising the body but also about mental strength improvements.


I have been going to fitness clubs for years because I wanted to have a fit and strong body and also to decrease my daily stress level. However, I wasn’t thorough enough (probably because sweating and lifting weights was really annoying) and have never had a sustainable result.

In 2008, I went to my first Pilates course in Brussels.

After only a few courses I started to feel the benefits. Of course at first, my body ached and I discovered that I had muscles that I didn’t know even existed. But, I really liked the method consisting of a mix between breath, concentration and precision necessary to execute the exercises.

In no time, I could feel the benefits of the Pilates method (e.g. a stronger body, a better posture and more flexibility.)

It has also helped me in the practice of others sports like swimming and running.

How? To me it is like having much better control of energy and direction. Thanks to Pilates, I have learned to control and focus my energy. Also, the magnitude and precision of my movements has increased.

More than just physical changes, I experience inner well-being after each course.

I feel really relaxed, without having to sweat or lift weights for hours, by executing exercises with concentration and calm.

I discovered even further the deepness of the mind effects when I started the courses with Carolin Dyckhoff at MeinPilates. At that time, I was pregnant, with all the pains that are associated with it (tiredness, back pains, heavy legs, nauseas etc…). Carolin teaches Pilates with passion, generosity and empathy, she uses a good balance between a good voice tone, tactile cues and makes a Pilates course feel like a real choreography. To me she is the perfect Pilates teacher.

At the MeinPilates classes I could finally find a moment for myself, a peaceful bubble in which I was in a meditative state while practicing exercises. It was really beneficial for me and after following the courses I felt full of energy.

When giving birth to my baby, I could reconnect to this state of mind and it helped me a lot to control the pain. After giving birth, I used Pilates to regain my pre-pregnancy body, step by step slowly and deeply, with success as I am today in a better condition than before being pregnant.


A good thing about Pilates, is that you can really adapt it depending on your specific needs.

To conclude, I would like to say that the psychological and physical well being that Pilates brings is giving me more self-confidence and has a daily impact on all the aspects of my life and I hope you will also be able to experience all the benefits of it as it was the case for me, so see you at the next Pilates course? 

Beitrag von: Dominique Deleye-Paul


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